We're back, but with a few changes this time. Sexy Eddie's will not be offering vests and capes for the foreseeable future but all our accessories from bandanas to treat pouches are still available; with the same level of customisability we've always offered. This site serves as a full price list and catalog for all our accessories and materials. To ask a question or start an order, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. We would be happy to help you threw the design process.

Check Out Our Ambassadors!

These are the lovely people and pups tasked with spreading the good word of Sexy Eddie's throughout the community, both online and IRL. You can find all their social media accounts under their photos.

A smiling saint Bernard sits in front of two large pots of poinsettias. He's wearing a leather harness, with a black mesh cape, and a black bandana that says "service Santa" in green and red sparkly lettering.

Lessa and Uther were picked for being beyond supportive of Sexy Eddie's and always shouting us out in Facebook groups when asked for gear recommendations! This little man grew up wearing Sexy Eddie's from his very first puppy vest to his now very large capes and accessories. 



 two malinois sitting side by side in the grass, wearing custom vests.

Danial and Sven have been around since the very first set of Sexy Eddie's gear in 2018, and Archer joining the team in 2020 was just more Mal to love. They've been spectacular product testers, giving fantastic feedback and the challenge of reworking my regular designs to be more comfortable on gear sensitive dogs.  


A black sable borzoi lounges on a rainbow park bench. he's wearing a light blue and yellow cape with a magenta accent, and a pride striped bandana.

Sam and Lafayette are responsible for quite a few of the accessories you see in our catalog. With the ability to think outside of the box and a need to put velcro on every inch of her dog, Sam made every item in the catalog customisable and muscled her way in to the ambassador crew.


A tri coloured Australian shepherd lays over marble steps in front of an abstract graffitied wall. she's wearing a black vinyl harness and cape, with an orange accent.

Lexi and Phoebe (more commonly known by their business name, All Paws Have Purpose) went from our behind the scenes cheerleaders, to close personal friends and most recently our partnered shop. We've been trading back and forth and hyping each other up for years, so it's about time we gave them the title!