Extra Info

An image of kevin, a red border collie mix, and phoebe, a tri collar Australian shepherd, sitting at the top of a stone stair case in Halloween themed harness and cape sets. the sexy eddie's and all paws logos are in the top left corner.


Have you met our friend Lexi from All Paws Have Purpose? Our two shops have been secretly trading back and forth, hyping each other up and collaborating on our personal gear sets for 2 years; and we're finally unleashing our collaborative energy on to the service dog community! One invoice, one delivery, two gear shops working in tandem. While we are no longer making capes here at Sexy Eddie's, we have quite a few accessories that were made to work with APHP harnesses such as our large size chest plates and med bags.

Collab orders at this time are limited to when both shops are open for custom orders, so keep an eye on our social media accounts if you are interested in placing a Sexy Paws Collab order.

Care Instructions

A full set of washing instructions is now being sent out with all orders, but if you ever misplace them we've got them compiled for you here as well.

Machine Washing Instructions

All standard materials we use including both types of mesh, all types of vinyl, weather resistant canvas and cottons; as well as all padding are 100% washer safe! To keep your gear in optimal condition, we recommend setting your washer to COLD and DELICATE.

For small or more delicate items such as masks and tutus we strongly recommend using a garment bag or knotted pillow case. For tutus make sure you store and wash with the velcro folded on to itself so the tulle doesn't get stuck in it.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is a great way to clean small stains and/or keep straps in good condition. Using a spare toothbrush (or otherwise soft bristled brush) rub laundry detergent on to the area you want to clean, then give it a good rinse with cool water.

For small accessories like collars, wraps, padding and pouches, you can also throw them in a big bowl or tupperware for a good swish and soak in some laundry detergent and cool water.

Drying Things

DO NOT put any Sexy Eddie's gear in the dryer, or iron. Heat can cause damage to padding, velcro and vinyl. It can also cause extra wear and tear to your gear over all. We recommend hanging vests and capes, and laying smaller items on a flat surface to dry. It will generally take approximately 24 hours for gear to dry completely. Your gear may come out of the washing machine a little wrinkly, this will resolve itself after one to two uses.


We CAN'T guarantee custom printed, or glitter vinyls offered through our collabs with APHP, or our limited quantity rainbow/iridescent vinyls to be washer safe; and therefore do not recommend machine washing them. When in doubt, reach out! Feel free to send us a message and we'll let you know how to best care for your gear.

Non Warranty Repairs or Adjustments

Over time things wear down and/or handler needs change. If you're past your six month warranty and your gear needs repair, you can always send it back to us for a quick fix starting at 10 CAD before shipping. We may also give your gear a good wash while its with us. Some repairs we've done include:

  • Buckle or strap replacements - things get chewed... or slammed in car doors... or get salt damaged. It happens, and it can be fixed.

  • Strap adjustments - have some longer straps put on some gear your partner no longer fits in OR have a regular vest turned in to a Y-front or harness attachment.

  • Popped seems and zipper repair - while I can't make promises on major damages, I'll always do what I can to get your gear back in working order.

  • Patching ripped fabric - things get damaged over time, and while we might not be able to completely restore your gear we can give it a little character and keep your fabric from ripping any farther.

Not seeing what you need? Just like our warranty claims you can always send us a message and ask if we can do it.