Add-Ons and Modifications 

Sexy Eddie's specialises in customization of everything from colours and size, to strap style and attachments. We've put together a list of modifications and add-ons available to make your gear set work for you. If you aren't seeing what you need or want, make sure to send us a message on Facebook or Instagram so we can create the perfect gear. We've always got another trick or two hiding in our vest pockets.

Vinyl Lettering and Logos

Sub out your Velcro for vinyl lettering, or add some flair to a themed set with characters or logos. Vinyl lettering is available in all mate colours found in our shop, silver, gold, rose gold, reflective; as well as a number of glow in the dark colours.

Vinyl lettering is able to be applied to any of our weather resistant and/or cotton fabrics, and is washer friendly.

Pricing is dependent on the size and intricacy of vinyl designs.

Advocacy vinyls, such as "BLM" or "every child matters" will be done free of charge.

Starting at 5 CAD

A custom green and blue cape made to attach to a non standard SD harness; with metal clips and a center "stabiliser attachment", reflective strips and no velcro.

Metal Clips

For those powerful shakers that cant seem to keep their med bags attached to their harnesses, we can switch out those snaps for metal clips. 


 a basic forest green harness cape with white trim and straps, and added reflective strips down the back.

Reflective Strips

Add some Hi-Vis to your gear with reflective strips or lettering on any of the items available in our shop.


A magenta cape shaped vest with a wide strip of rainbow rhinestones down the center panel, with a cut out for a small black patch of Velcro.


Substitute your velcro for rhinestones, or add thinner strips to accent a festive, formal or just out right flashy piece of gear. Available in diamond and rainbow.


A custom sized lavender vinyl med bag, with velcro on attachment and an added bag dispenser grommet.

Bag Dispensers

Add a grommet to a med bag for easy access to poop bags.


A custom butterfly shape with extra Velcro and modified pull strap attachments, iridescent teal vinyl side panels and peacock fathers on the center panel, with rainbow trim.

Custom Velcro

Not loving our default velcro? No problem! Let us know the size, shapes and or spacing you need changed and we'll make it happen. Velcro is available in black or white.