Competitions and Ambassadorships

Thank you card photo contest!

Our year round photo competition to find the sexiest service dogs! Submit your favorite photos of your dog wearing Sexy Eddie's gear for a chance to be featured on one of our thank you cards or new washing instructions pamphlets, and get 50% off your next vest or cape order!

Send a high quality photo (or at least high enough quality to stretch to 5x7" without getting all pixely), to our email and let us know if you have an Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/TikTok, whatever social media you use, that you would like us to shout out. 


Other than our post cards Sexy Eddie's does not use/appoint models but PLEASE send us photos of your dog in our gear and we will absolutely post them on our Facebook and Instagram, with a shout out to your social media accounts. We LOVE seeing and sharing photos of working dogs of all kinds geared up and ready to get the job done!

Product Testers

Product testers are selected and contacted threw Instagram. They are tasked with trying out new vest styles and/or accessories in their prototype form (either for free or at highly reduced pricing) before they are officially released. They are required to send photos of the product in use back to us; as well as let us know if there are any problems with the design. To become a product tester just shoot us a message on Instagram! While there aren't any qualifications for being a product testers, we prefer to choose people with a friendly demeanor, who have a set of Sexy Eddie's gear already (either by purchasing or threw a giveaway) and that have a history of submitting photos for our social media.

uther a saint Bernard, kevin a mutt, sven a malinois and lafayette a borzoi, all laying in a row wearing sexy eddie's gear.


While we don't select models, we do pick a few trusted product testers to become ambassadors. Ambassadors are chosen based upon a couple of things, you are a decent human to talk to and understand things can't always come out perfect. You recommend the Sexy Eddie's brand in groups, publicly on an Instagram or Facebook profile, or to other service dog handlers in person. Finally you support the growth of sexy Eddie's as a company and are good for the well-being of the person and dogs that are behind Sexy Eddie's.

Ambassadors must be:

All ambassadorships are given with a time frame, at the end of which we may choose whether or not to keep you on as an ambassador. We value our ambassadors very highly but we do expect a higher standard for behavior within the community. Sexy Eddie's reserves the right to revoke ambassadorship without warning if we feel it is necessary to do so. 

Ambassador perks include: 

We appreciate the work that you do to spread the good word of sexy Eddie's, and we thank you for helping out in the little ways.